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Hygiea Health & Wellness

E n h a n c i n g  Yo u r  V i s i o n  o f  H e a l t h c a r e.  

Our Team

Cathy Sharpe-Dumont, CGCS, CHC

Grief Counselor/Certified Health Coach

Hygiea was founded as an homage to Cathy's younger sister-Crystal-who was lost to an unfortunate and long bout of a rare form of Malignant Melanoma. With the emotional, mental, and spiritual support of close friends and family, Cathy was fortunate enough to keep her sister at home for in-home care leading to end-of-life care. At Hygiea, we understand that not every family has the support needed to undertake such a life altering change. Let us be that support for you and your loved ones. For Cathy-and all Hygiea caregivers-healthcare is extremely personal. Helping the families we serve is truly our passion. Leading with empathy, compassion and heart, our goal is to help loved ones get the care they need at home.

Cathy's focus on grief therapy and recovery came during a long healing journey after losing her sister. Unfortunately, grief is an inevitable, inescapable part of life.

We will all lose someone we love at some point in our life—most of us at many points—and the loss can often hit us harder that we expect. The road to healing and understanding our own feelings is not always an easy one. Cathy has a heart for healing and passion for helping. If you experienced distress before the loss your loved one suffered, or if their grief is chronic and interferes with normal functioning, grief counseling can help to address their intense emotions and move on with the healing process.

Angelina Martinez

Certified Caregiver

I am happy to announce the newest team member joining the Hygiea family. Angelina brings a unique and compassionate perspective when caring for others. I am confident that Angelina will also lead with empathy, compassion, and heart. For Angelina, her own personal experience came after losing a close family member to a brain illness led to a passion of wanting to understand the mind and body connection. As a strong advocate today for therapeutic healing in healthcare, and pursing a master’s degree in occupational therapy, my longing in healthcare aims to advance mental wellness in home care. She believes when there is more creativity involved in care, the more likely an individual can feel he or she can perform a task freely in comfort of trial and error. Through enhancing an individual’s sense of security through everyday meaningful activities in the face of a diagnosed injury or illness, personalizing care plans together with both the individual receiving care and the family helps me learn insight on new cultural care approaches. Most importantly, she sees working close with the family as a collaborative teamwork process that ensures higher quality care.

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